Science Grade 2

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Gr2 State Standards Overview, Gr2 Curriculum Detail

**Elem Science in NHPS uses kits that rotate among schools.

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Unit Titles

Learning Outcomes


A INQ.1     Make observations and ask questions about objects, organisms and the environment. 

A INQ.2     Use senses and simple measuring tools to collect data. 

A INQ.3     Make predictions based on observed patterns. 

A INQ.4     Read, write, listen and speak about observations of the natural world. 

A INQ.5     Seek information in books, magazines and pictures. 

A INQ.6     Present information in words and drawings. 

A INQ.7     Use standard tools to measure and describe physical properties such as weight, length and temperature. 

A INQ.8     Use nonstandard measures to estimate and compare the sizes of objects. 

A INQ.9     Count, order and sort objects by their properties. 

A INQ.10  Represent information in bar graphs.

A18 Describe differences in the physical properties of solids and liquids. 
A21 Sort different soils by properties, such as particle size, color and composition. 

A22 Relate the properties of different soils to their capacity to retain water and support the growth of certain plants.

A23 Identify the sources of common foods and classify them by their basic food groups.

A24 Describe how people in different cultures use different food sources to meet their nutritional needs.

A15 Describe the changes in organisms, such as frogs and butterflies, as they undergo metamorphosis.

A16 Describe the life cycles of organisms that grow but do not metamorphose.

Significant Task Comparing Solids and Liquids What is your Local Soil? Full Day Meal Plan Butterfly Sequence
Unit Content Resources and Materials STC KIT: SOLID and LIQUIDS STC KIT or DELTA KIT: SOILS UNH UNIT: Nutrition, Supplement by Hispanic Health Council STC KIT: BUTTERFLIES