School Change Initiative

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New Haven School Change is an exciting school reform initiative that has gained national recognition for its innovative, collaborative and persistent approach to improving schools.

We believe that all kids can learn, achieve, and rise to a bright future. Our purpose is to provide an outstanding education that extends beyond graduation and prepares our students to be the next generation of leaders, innovators and problem-solvers.
Engagement is the foundation of learning and growth, for students, adults, and the school district as a whole. We will be successful when all students actively engage in their own learning, when adults engage in their professional community, and when the school district is consistently learning and growing to respond to the needs of children and schools. We must all engage and take collective responsibility for ensuring student success and wellbeing so that every child has a chance to rise. 
To create this engagement, our vision is to build a portfolio of great schools that empower students to achieve success in college, career and life through purposeful, supportive and meaningful learning experiences. In crafting those learning experiences, we must strive to engage the whole child - the academic learning, the social-emotional growth, and health that enable students and schools to rise.






  • SCHOOL PERFORMANCE: How each school is doing, including surveys of parents, teachers, and students.



  • COMMUNITY & PARENTS: How New Haven Public Schools is reaching out to parents and the New Haven community.


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