Family Resources Center | Expectations + Outcomes

There are 71 Family Resource Centers located within Connecticut's schools. The goals of the Family Resource Center program includes
a) to improve children's school readiness;
b) to enhance family well-being
c) to develop schools as a dynamic, centrally
located resource that strengthens the school
and family connection.

Each Family Resource Center has made a commitment to comply with 7 major components. While each FRC has some unique programs and activities, they tend to fall into one of these components. Not every FRC has all 7 components on-site; some are provided by near-by off site agencies. The components are: Full-time preschool child care; school-age child care; families in training; adult education; support and training for family child care providers; positive youth development programs and resource and referral services.

For more information about New Haven's FRC programs and services, please call Michele Moore, PhD 497-7027 or email her at