Magnet School PreK Options

Entrance to these programs is through the NHPS Magnet School Office by lottery. Please call 475-220-1430 & 475-220-1431.
Who is eligible?
Residents of New Haven and other Connecticut communities are eligible to apply to Magnet programs.  Students must be appropriate age by January 1st of their year in pre-K.
How do students enroll?

The NHPS Magnet lottery determines admission to Pre-K programs.  Children who do not obtain a slot in the lottery may be admitted through a waiting list.
Lottery applications are available in early January at the NHPS Magnet school office located on the first floor of 54 Meadow Street.  Families must submit a Magnet application to the Magnet Office, either online or on paper to the Magnet Office.  Applications must be received by the Magnet deadline in February in order be included in the lottery.
Throughout the months of January and February, there are Magnet fairs, school tours, and school open houses to assist families in exploring the Magnet programs at different schools.
The actual lottery happens in mid-March, with notification of families immediately afterwards.  New Haven and suburban students are selected in different lotteries to achieve the targeted balance of enrollment.
Applications can be received after the deadline, but late applicants go to the end of the waitlist for any particular school, and do not receive neighborhood or sibling preference.
Do some students receive priority in the admission process?

Neighborhood preference is given to any applicant who resides within the attendance zone of particular Magnet schools.  Visit and click “Neighborhood Preference” to see if you reside within the attendance zone of one of the Magnet schools with Pre-K programs.
Sibling preference, which is secondary to neighborhood preference, is given when a brother or sister of the applicant is currently attending the Magnet school to which the applicant has applied.  The brother or sister must live in the same household and have the same parent.
Neighborhood and/or Sibling preference do not guarantee that your child will be placed in a Magnet preschool. It means that your child will be given priority in the Magnet Lottery.
How much will it cost for my child to attend?
Magnet preschool programs are free for all students.
Is busing provided?
Busing is dependent upon student proximity to the school.  Contact the Magnet Office for more information 475-220-1430 & 475-220-1431.
Do students in Pre-K receive preference for Kindergarten?
Magnet Pre-K students are guaranteed a seat in the K-8 Magnet program where they are enrolled.
Where do I go for more information?
For more information about Magnet Pre-K programs, contact the Magnet/Registrartion Office at 475-220-1430 & 475-220-1431, or look online at and
Barnard Magnet
Beecher Magnet
Davis Street Interdistict Magnet School
Jepson Magnet School
John C. Daniels Magnet School
King/Robinson Magnet School
West Rock Author's Academy
Ross Woodward