School Closing + Delay Policies


(revised 11/6/08)

The following transportation procedures will be in effect for suburban students attending New Haven Interdistrict Magnet Schools regarding school closings and/or delayed openings due to inclement weather.
If New Haven Public Schools are open and you live in a suburban town where the school district has closed – No AM transportation to New Haven from the closed town will be provided.
If New Haven Public Schools are on a delay, then there is a delay for suburban towns’ transportation to New Haven based upon the New Haven delay time.  If there is a difference in the length of a delay between New Haven and a suburban town, transportation will be based upon the New Haven delay time.
If New Haven Public Schools are not on a delay and a suburban town is on a delay –
No AM transportation will be provided on that day for that town.
 Dismissal times will ALWAYS be based upon New Haven’s dismissal.
Parents should always use discretion when deciding whether specific conditions allow for safe travel of their children to school.  Please be sure to make arrangements for your young children in case of school cancellation, early dismissal or cancellation of after-school programs.

  • Free field trips are automatically cancelled
  • TAG buses are cancelled
  • NO AM Head Start transportation
  • Out-of-Town is based on New Haven’s Delay Time
  • If a town is closed – NO AM transportation
  • Out-placement  - delay time will be according to the schools towns’ delay time – if town is closed no transportation
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