School Readiness

School Readiness is a State funded pre-k program established is 1997 to increase the number of children who have an opportunity to attend a quality pre-k program.  New Haven Public Schools is the largest School Readiness program in New Haven with many sites throughout the district.  The School Readiness classrooms are in our elementary schools, and are in session 6 hours a day during the school year. 

All School Readiness programs are required to meet the quality early childhood standards set by the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) or Head Start.  Our pre-k classrooms are NAEYC accredited. We use these standards of best practice along with those set by the State  Office of Early Childhood and the district as we develop our language, literacy, math, science, and art curriculum.
We know that every moment is a teachable moment and take every opportunity to increase children’s vocabulary, math concepts and higher order thinking skills.  “What do you think will happen if you add another 10 blocks to your building? Will it collapse? Topple over? Cave in?”  As teachers observe children’s progress, they adapt the curriculum to meet the child's next developmental level. 
Who is eligible?
NHPS School Readiness programs are open to all New Haven residents. Children who are 3 years old by January 1st are eligible.
How do students enroll?
Families enroll through a centralized application process.  Applications are available starting in April.  Click HERE for a list of documents needed to register.  REGISTRATION WILL BE BY APPOINTMENT ONLY.  To make an appointment, call (475)220-1482.  Applications and documents must be reviewed by NHPS personnel.  NO APPLICATION WILL BE ACCEPTED UNTIL ALL DOCUMENTATION IS COMPLETE.  Once all documents are in, and registration is complete, a contract between NHPS and the parent will be signed.  Children are then placed on a first come, first approved basis.   
Early Childhood Registration Office is located at 103 Hallock Avenue in the old New Horizons School.  Parking is on Hallock Avenue. Directions are as follows:
From I95 South - Take Exit 46 and make a left at the end of the ramp onto Sargent Drive and get in the far right lane. Go to the next traffic light and turn right onto Hallock Ave.  The building will be on your right.
From I-95 North - Take Exit 46 and make a right at the end of the ramp onto Long Wharf Dr.  Continue pass the curve until the traffic light and make a left onto Sargent Drive.  Follow directions of I-95 South.

Do some children receive priority in the admission process? 
Acceptance to all SR programs is first come, first served.  There are no neighborhood or sibling preferences. 

How much will it cost for my child to attend? 
Fees for SR are based on a family's income and size.  The fee scale is set by the State of Connecticut.  Fees range from free to a maximum of $175/week.   Consult the SR fee table HERE.     
Is busing provided? 
No.  Parents must provide their own transportation. 
Do students in PreK receive preference for Kindergarten?
Students in SR programs in NHPS and the community based programs do not receive preference for their neigborhood school.

Columbus Family Academy

Hill Central Music Academy

Nathan Hale School
Troup School
East Rock School
School Readiness Programs in the community
An additional 24 community-based programs located throughout the city receive school readiness funds.  Eligibility guidelines are the same as for NHPS.  Applications must be made separately and specifically to each   program.  Spaces are not transferable between school readiness programs.  Consult each program for their timeline and requirements.  For a list of programs and contact information, click HERE.  For general School Readiness information click HERE.