Grade 6-8 Instrumental Music

Create Perform Respond Music Literacy
  • Improvise melodies as solo and in ensemble setting in a variety of styles
  • Create rhythmic compositions
  • Perform accurately, alone and in ensemble, exhibiting:
    • Expression
    • Blend
    • Breathing
    • Bowing
    • Phrasing
    • Dynamics
    • Interpretation
    • Articulation
    • Posture
  • Develop ensemble skills
  • Respond to cues of the


  • Perform music from various historical periods, genres, & cultures
  • Perform chromatic scale, 3 major  scales and relative minors and arpeggios
  • Identify styles and forms  of musical compositions
  • Evaluate and discuss the quality and effectiveness of musical performances, compositions, and arrangements by applying student generated criteria appropriate for the style of music
  • Explain historical and/or cultural significance of music being performed
  • Read, interpret and explain standard notation symbols for pitch, rhythm, dynamics, tempo, articulation, and expression
  • Sight read simple melodies
  • Identify basic key signatures
  • Identify basic meter or time signatures