Grade 5

Create Perform Respond Music Literacy
  • Improvise melodies with voice or instruments
  • Compose more extended melodies within specific guidelines
  • Compose music to demonstrate story, poem, feeling or idea using traditional or non traditional sound sources
  • Accurately sing unison songs, partner songs, rounds, ostinati, descants, and other songs with 2 and 3 independently moving lines, accompanied or a cappella
  • Sing blending vocal timbres, matching dynamic levels, and responding to cues of conductor
  • Play independent instrumental parts while others sing or play contrasting parts
  • Sing a repertoire of songs from many cultures
  • Sing in tune thirds and fifths in context of song
  • Describe specific aural examples of music using appropriate terminology
  • Identify styles and forms
  • Develop and implement criteria to monitor a composition and/or performance
  • Relate significant compositions and composers to historical and cultural events and musical periods
  • Identify vocal timbres
  • Analyze text in relation to the music
  • Assess their own individual and/or group performance using classroom generated criteria
  • Conduct in duple and triple meter
  • Follow a two part score
  • Notate simple melody
  • Read rhythms  in 6/8 time
  • Read syncopated rhythms
  • Read and notate rhythms with rests previously learned



5th graders may have the opportunity to perform in instrumental and vocal ensembles with an emphasis on basic skills.