Darnell Goldson

Darnell Goldson is was born and raised in New Haven, first attending Ivy Street School, Lincoln Bassett, Sheridan Junior High, and graduating as a merit scholar from James Hillhouse High School. While in his senior year at Hillhouse, Mr. Goldson attended a semester at the University of New Haven, and after graduation, attended Tufts University and NYU.
Mr. Goldson has over thirty four (35) years of management, administrative, political and advocacy experience, working in both the public and private fields. After leaving Tufts he joined the staff of Connecticut Congressman Bruce A. Morrison (CT-3); the first presidential campaign of Rev. Jesse Jackson; and various federal, state and local campaigns in and out of New Haven. He was the legislative assistant to the mayor of New Haven; as well as advocacy work for several organizations, including the American Friends Service Committee (AFSC), where he spent several years leading that organization’s relief effort in response to Hurricane Katrina. He clerked both the Connecticut State legislature’s Housing and General Law Committees. He led the region’s largest anti-poverty agency, the Community Action Agency, as well as the national YouthBuild program in Massachusetts, where he developed programs to reintegrate high school dropouts into school or alternate educational and training programs. He is currently the Public Relations Director for two companies in northern Connecticut.
Mr. Goldson’s overall goal is to contribute to an educational reform movement that puts Kids First.
Elected Member, New Haven District 2 
Term Expires: 12/2019