Parent Engagement

New Haven Public Schools encourages all parents to get involved in their children's education. This page provides information about ways to get involved. Talk to your school for information about how to get involved with your school's PTO or PTA.
Contact - Daniel Diaz, Coordinator of Parent Engagment - 475-220-1063
Attendance Matters Community Canvass
2019-20 Community Canvass
CITYWIDE PARENT TEAM  (Click here  -  CPT President Message)
Citywide Parent Team is organized to support the education of children in the New Haven Public Schools district by encouraging relationships among the schools, parents, teachers and community partners including the Board of Education.
Citywide Seering Committee Members;
Ife Waters-President
Nakitta Brown
Ruth Swanton
Stephanie Wilson
Title I is a federal program that provides disadvantaged students with tutoring and supplemental services in math, reading and sometimes other subjects. The program also offers parenting and life skill workshops for parents, as well as assistance in navigating the public school system.
April 27, 2019, at Metropolitan Business Academy 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.
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We are delighted to present Parent University for Spring 2019. The goal of New Haven Public Schools’ Parent University is to help increase parent involvement in the schools and empower parents to engage with schools so that children are successful in school, and in life. Research has shown that parents can increase a child's academic success through their involvement with schools and communities. Parental involvement improves student morale, attitudes, and academic achievement across all subject areas.<br>
New Haven Parent University will provide workshops that offer tools and strategies that help parents support children academically and socially, empower parents to take ownership in children’s education, and strengthen parent’s ability to advocate for children and schools.
Workshop topics range from Helping Your Young Child Learn through Play to Surviving Adolescence.
Two major Parent University events will be held during Spring and Fall, and then a series of workshops will be held throughout the year in schools, public libraries, houses of worship, businesses and other community locations convenient for our parents to participate.
NHPS Parent University’s first major event of 2019 will be held on Saturday April 27, 9am to 1pm at Metropolitan Business Academy, 115 Water Street, New Haven CT 06511.
Nos sentimos satisfechos en presentar la Universidad para Padres durante la primavera del 2019. El objetivo de la Universidad para Padres de las Escuelas Públicas de New Haven es ayudar a aumentar la participación de los padres en las escuelas y empoderar a las familias para que participen en las escuelas con el objetivo de que los niños tengan éxito en la escuela y en la vida. La investigación ha demostrado que los padres pueden aumentar el éxito académico de un niño a través de su participación en las escuelas y las comunidades. La participación de los padres mejora la moral, las actitudes y los logros académicos de los estudiantes en todas las áreas temáticas.
La Universidad para Padres de las Escuelas Públicas de New Haven proveerá talleres que ofrecen herramientas y estrategias para ayudar a los padres a apoyar a los niños académica y socialmente, empoderan a los padres a tomar posesión de la educación de los niños y fortalecen la capacidad de los padres para abogar por los niños y las escuelas.
Los temas del taller abarcan desde ayudar a tu hijo pequeño a aprender a través del juego a la adolescencia sobreviviente.
Dos eventos principales de la Universidad para Padres se celebrarán durante la primavera y el otoño, y luego una serie de talleres se llevarán a cabo durante todo el año en las escuelas, bibliotecas públicas, casas de servicios religiosos, empresas y otros lugares de la comunidad en los cuales nuestros padres pueden participar.
El primer evento importante de la Universidad para Padres de las Escuelas Públicas de New Haven durante el 2019, se celebrará el sábado 27 de abril, 9am a 1pm en Metropolitan Business Academy, 115 Water Street, New Haven CT 06511.
Grandparents on the Move is a support group for grandparents who serve as caregivers for children in New Haven Public Schools. The group meets in the third Wednesday of every month at 10 a.m. at the Betsy Ross Parish Hall, 150 Kimberly Ave. 
Contact Information - Mr. Charles Blango - 475-2201490
Welcome to the NHPS Family Resource Center Initiative. Parents, grandparents, guardians and childcare providers, this site is for you! We want to share the news with you, provide you with a monthly Family Resource calendar, highlight past accomplishments and happenings at the Family Resource Centers, and advise you of upcoming events.
We would like to offer you information and links to help with homework, School-Based Health Centers, Computer Classes and Childcare.
Welcome to the Parent EngagEment Opportunities Calendar.  This calendar provides parents with all districtwide parent engagement activTties.  
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