New Haven Public Schools Top 5 Energy Saving Tips

Turn off the lights

  • Turning off the lights in unoccupied classrooms can save 10% of lighting energy and can decrease cooling costs too!
  • Consider using natural daylight as a source of light on a bright day.  Keeping shades open can maximize the amount of daylight entering a space

Close Windows & Doors

  • Keep all doors and windows to the outside closed during the heating season. 
  • Every hour a window is open, $0.70 in energy exits that space! 

Use the computer power saver

  • Use Energy Star power saver feature on your computer 
  • You can reduce electricity for each computer by as much as $45 annually! 

Reduce Plug Load

  • Turn off and unplug chargers, printers and other electronics when not in use.
  • Unplug major appliances during long vacations and summer break.

 Report Malfunctions

  • Report broken or malfunctioning equipment or systems through a proper work order system.