New Haven Public Schools Recycling Program Vision

The Facilities Department of the New Haven Public Schools will plan for and provide the highest quality environment for safety and wellness. We will work as a team with efficiency, professionalism and excellence in support of the Schools’ mission and the needs of our community. The New Haven Public Schools, as part of the city’s Green and Sustainable initiative, are instituting a recycling program.  The purpose of the program is to save the world’s dwindling resources.  It is also in concert with the State of Connecticut’s sustainable movement.
To allow the program to function most efficiently, we will need the cooperation of everyone in the school system.  The collection and shipment of the large quantities of recyclables is a huge undertaking that together we will be able to accomplish.  Below is a flow chart that explains the single stream recycling system.
Americans use about 680 pounds of paper per person a year, along with 267 aluminum cans per person, and over 2,500,000 plastic bottles an hour!  The opportunity to make a real difference in the real world is in front of us.  Please join us in making a difference.
Instead of separating different types of recyclables at school, they are now separated at the recycling facility.  Single Stream Recycling improves recycling rates by making it easier to recycle a wide variety of materials that would go in the trash.