Bill #6426 effective July1, 2003 - Towns shall undertake maintenance of its facilities, including but not limited to, maintenance that is necessary to protect indoor environmental quality and shall implement an ongoing prevention program to protect the indoor environmental quality of its facilities. Use the work order system to report any possible moisture infiltration such as wet ceiling tiles or leaky faucets. 
                                Indoor Air Quality program as mandated by Public Act No. 03-022 effective July 1, 2003.
                                Deadline for compliance is January 1, 2008.
Mission Statement:                                                                
                    To provide the highest quality, energy efficient, clean, safe, environmentally friendly  learning, working and playing  environments for the students, staff, and citizens of New Haven  Public Schools in the most cost effective manner so that the facilities remain fully operational, functional and accessible. Develop an inspection and evaluation program for Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) issues in schools.    
Program Objectives;

  1. Identify and remove any existing IAQ problems
  2. Comply with Green Cleaning mandate
  3. Comply with Integrated Pest Management Plan
  4. Perform testing and track Radon levels in schools
  5. Continue to monitor and remove hazardous waste and chemicals as required by OSHA
  6. Continue to monitor the AHERA Plan
  7. Implement a vehicle idling plan
  8. Train staff and instill an IAQ awareness that leads to preventive actions
  9. Provide and maintain adequate airflow by repairing and maintaining ventilation equipment
  10. Resolve IAQ complaints and incidents as they occur

Program Checklist: þ 
       IAQ is defined as:  The Physical, Chemical and Biological characteristics of the air inside
of a building
ü  Train Building Manager with background information and checklists for inspections
ü  Define IAQ to committee and discuss Public Act No. 03-022                                                                 
ü  P.A. #03-022 mandates action on IAQ issues
ü  Set meeting date: must be annually and recommended bi-annually
ü  Perform monthly inspections on:  HVAC systems, radon levels, chemical storage and removal,  pesticides, moisture incursion (leaks), plumbing (water distribution and drainage systems)
ü  Investigate mold and bacteria issues and pest infestation issues
ü  Provide Material Safety Data Sheet    
ü  Distribute an inspection checklist (to be provided at meeting), evaluate and access inspection results (create action plan)
ü  Implement an action plan  (get repairs done)
ü  Monitor the action plan  (record work being  done)
ü  Report all results to the Board and make report accessible to the public (provide all proper documentation)
ü  Create IAQ File (for future access)