Leadership Development

In 2010-11, as part of the School Change initiative, NHPS launched a comprehensive leadership development program designed to create highly effective and skilled school leaders. 
The NHPS Leadership Development program includes:
 - Culture: Strengthening the culture and emphasizing the importance of leadership development within NHPS.
 - Identification and Planning: Building mechanisms to identify and cultivate future leaders inside and outside the system.
 - Leadership Pipeline: Developing and refining professional development opportunities for emerging leaders at each stage of their growth.
 - Coaching and Evaluation of Leaders: Strengthening evaluation and development of current leaders, including principals and assistant principals, to align core leadership competencies and reinforce a positive cycle of development.
Applicants for 2011-12 NHPS Leadership Pipeline Programs

 April 9th   - NHPS Leadership Development
  The district is very excited to distribute the application for the New Haven Public Schools 2011-2012 Leadership Development Programs. 
        NHPS is seeking to identify and develop the next generation of school leaders who are currently exemplary and strong teacher leaders, administrative Interns, assistant principals, and others in school leadership who desire to strengthen and build upon their leadership skills.
           Below is the  consolidated application and self assessment for Future Leaders, Emerging Leaders and High Potential Leaders. Applicants must fill out and submit both.  
Click for Application
Click for Self Assessment
Residency Program with Achievement First
The New Haven Public Schools and Achievement First operate a joint residency program to train future adminstrators. 
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