District Goals, Vision, and Strategy


  • Eliminate the gap between the performance of New Haven students and the rest of the State


  • Cut the dropout rate in half


  • Ensure that every graduating student has the academic ability and the financial resources to attend and succeed in college


  • Students learning through meaningful and coherent experiences in individual classrooms, among different classrooms, and in the rest of their lives


  • Schools as learning centers where teams of adults take collective responsibility for students and work individually and collaboratively toward academic achievement and excellence. 


  • The district and schools supporting development, innovation, and adaptation both within schools and by individuals.


  • Students: Students are at the center of a School Change model that focuses on rigorous academic learning and personal development, so that students can rise to success in college, career and life.

  • Portfolio of Schools: Each school will be organized and supported to follow its own unique path to success.


  • Talent: Teachers, administrators, and staff will be managed as professionals to encourage collaboration, empowerment, and responsibility for outcomes , enabling the district to attract, develop, and retain the highest caliber staff


  • Community and Parents: The school system will coordinate as closely as possible with parents, community organizations, and ohers who work on behalf of students.


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Essential Information

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Additional Information

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