New Teacher TEAM Support

Initial Educator Guidelines
 Initial Educator Roles & Responsibilities - District & Principal
 NHPS Beginning Teacher Support Forms:
1.  Application Form TEAM Mentor
2.  Application Form TEAM Reflection Reviewer
3.  TEAM Mentor Assignment and Agreement
4.  Mentor Change in Information Form
5.  TEAM Timeline Form -  Beginning Teachers
6.  TEAM Module 5 Workshop Sign Up Sheet (updating form)
7. TEAM Special Circumstances Request
8.  TEAM BT-Mentor Dispute Form
9. TEAM Reflection Paper Concern Form
10. TEAM Module Process Checklist
11. TEVAL TEAM Goals
12.  Frequently Asked Questions
           IMPORTANT NOTE REGARDING FORMS:  All forms are in pdf format with the ability to type information on them.  Click the Highlight Field check box in the right hand corner of the form to view spaces where you have access to fill in information.
               You will be able to save a blank copy to your computer but you are unable to save it with your typed information.
                These forms require Acrobat Reader.  If you are unable to open these forms,
               click here to download Acrobat Reader free.
Click here for the Electronic Module Submission Process
 Click here for the TEAM First Time Log in Process
 Click here for the NHPS Three Year District Support Plan 2012-2015
 Click here for the TEAM Orientation Powerpoint, September 2014 - (in pdf form)
Note:   For additional pertinent information in regards to TEAM, please go on-line