Tech and Library Grade 7 and 8

NHPS Technology Benchmark Continuum         Seventh & Eighth Grade

*Bold items are those new to this grade level or those moved from “With assistance” to “Independently” at this level.


Students Will…

  1. Use hardware and software to support learning and productivity

Semester Taught




  • Properly connects, disconnects and troubleshoots devices (i.e. mouse, keyboard, network, camera, external storage devices, projector)



  • Demonstrates understanding of the NHPS networked resources and structure (i.e. server folders, servers)



  • Uses the NHPS networked resources efficiently (i.e. manage passwords and server folders)



  • Demonstrates strategies to troubleshoot a non-responsive web-page (i.e. refresh, truncate URLs)



With Assistance…



  • Accesses on-line databases and refine search to access appropriate material



  • Manages various passwords (i.e. database passwords, network password)



  • Solves routine hardware problems (i.e. wireless connectivity, power, checking connections, recognizing damaged connections)



  • Solves routine software problems (i.e. checking accuracy of URLs, refresh web pages)



  • Knows when and to whom to report a technical problem



  1. Demonstrates knowledge of current changes in information technology and the effects those changes have on the workplace and society.






  • Acknowledges and discusses new technologies available to them



  • Makes informed choices among technology systems, resources and service available to them



  • Demonstrates an understanding of how fast technology (hardware and software) changes and its impact



  • Independently uses technology tools to investigate and research essential questions



  • Chooses appropriate technology tools to solve problems and test solutions (i.e. calculators, microscopes, probes)



  • Uses technology to enhance work with visuals (i.e. cameras, video, scanner, photo editing, paint and draw programs)



  • Creates documents to support the presentation of solution to problems or answers to essential questions



  • Chooses and cites information from online research databases to help answer a question or solve a problem provided by teacher



  • Uses technology to assist in the organization and synthesis of text related to a given question or problem



  • Collects and analyzes data using spreadsheets and graphs



  1. Use electronic resources to communicate, collaborate & retrieve information






  • Use URLs, bookmarks, and/or links to access the Internet



  • Create Favorites (bookmarks) in a browser



  • Uses technology to create a product that will be used in the communication and/or presentation to the solution of a given problem



  • Effectively uses a search engine to find related and valuable web sites



  • Accesses, sends and receives e-mail



With Assistance…



  • Use appropriate search strategies to locate information on the Internet and in electronic media



  • Access, copy and/or print digital media (graphics, text, movies, sounds, etc.) from electronic and/or online services



  • Evaluate and critique the quality and credibility of electronic information



  • Integrates the use of two or more applications to create a product



  • Accesses and uses available online research sources (i.e. ICONN, Britannica Online)



  • Creates presentation using a variety of technology tools and media



  • Effectively communicates information and ideas with the support of media or a multimedia project



  • Knows how to navigate and save projects to the collaborative workspaces on the network



  • Recognizes the parts of a URL address to check for bias and accuracy (endings such as edu, com, gov, and org.



  • Evaluates sources for credibility (i.e. supporting evidence, author bias)



  1. Use technology to create and deliver presentations





    • Create one or more curriculum-related multimedia projects



    • Present one or more curriculum-related multimedia projects



    • Print, post, or publish completed work (Examples of published pieces include a slide show with voice, printed documented/drawing for class book or bulletin board, and/or posted work on the Internet.)



    • Independently uses a word processing application to accomplish tasks



    • Uses edit and format features to improve documents in standard applications (i.e. Office, Inspiration). Features will include spell and grammar check, font menus, justification, bullets and numbering and appropriate use of color



    • Copies and pastes or inserts graphics from various sources to improve documents and presentations



    • Independently uses Help Menus within software applications



With Assistance…



    • Edits a graphic using the Picture tools



    • Uses draw toolbar to add elements to documents



    • Uses word processing, concept-mapping or organizational software to organize group or individual work (i.e. lists in Word, Inspiration diagrams)



  1. Demonstrate ethical behavior






  • Demonstrates understanding of the consequences associated with misuse of technology



  • Remembers their passwords and keeps passwords secure



  • Identifies and cites internet and electronic resources



  • Understand and abide by the NHPS Acceptable Use Policy



With Assistance…



  • Understand and abide by copyright issues of electronic media



  • Apply the concept and understand the consequences of plagiarism and copyright infringement



  • Understand the need for protection against software and hardware vandalism (examples: altering or deleting software, having an awareness of viruses, etc.)



  • Uses appropriate language and behavior when communicating electronically with others (i.e. the Internet, videoconferencing, and email)



  • Recognizes what qualifies as unethical use (i.e. hacking, spamming, consumer fraud, pirating software and media files)




Student Assessment Scores





Below Basic




Demonstrates less than half the benchmarks as defined.

Demonstrates all assisted and at least half the independent benchmarks.

Demonstrates all benchmarks as defined.

Demonstrates independently the majority of benchmarks designed to be accomplished with assistance.

* 1st and 2nd semesters scores will be based on the benchmarks taught for each of the five standards