Level IV

Students in Level IV classes expand their speaking, listening, reading and writing skills to the intermediate low/mid/high levels by discussing more advanced topics at the connected sentence and paragraph level.  Topics are often taken from themes that will be found on the AP test.   Materials are taken directly from the target culture, and consider a variety of real-world topics from science, history, the arts, and other subject areas.  Students synthesize their knowledge of advance grammar and work on further developing their academic vocabulary in the target language.  Writing assignments are similar to those being done in the native language, with narrative and argument-writing practiced.

Click on the first document below to read a summary of each unit in the Level IV curriculum describing what students should know and able to do in each unit.
Click on the second document to read the description of the proficiency level target, or, how well they should be able to speak, listen, read, and write in the target language by the end of Level IV.

Please see the main World Languages page for a document that outlines how the Advance Placement themes are woven throughout the World Languages Curricula PreK-12.