Level II

The Level II curriculum is comprised of 4 main units and one flex-unit. The first four full units fall exactly on a quarter, as illustrated in the box to the right. District-wide quarterly exams and performance tasks, however, reflect students’ cumulative proficiency progress across the year; therefore, the content of the exam(s) may focus on the general topic of the unit of that quarter, some from previous quarters, and proficiency development gained as they progress throughout the year.

Click on the first document below to read a summary of the 5 curriculum units, which summarizes what students will know and be able to do.
Click on the second document below to read a description of the "proficiency level" that students will reach by the end of Level II, in other words, how well they will be able to speak, listen, read, and write the target language.

Please see the main World Languages page for a document that outlines how the Advance Placement themes are woven throughout the World Languages Curricula PreK-12.